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Having your employees up to date and proficient with UK Data protection legislation (UK GDPR) can ensure your business is protected and saves money. Data Compliance Group Ltd can provide online and on-site staff data protection training on UK Data Protection Act 2018 and EU GDPR to ensure they understand their responsibilities with personal data and data subjects.

Key Learning – Legal basis, Data Controller & Data Processors (& sub Processors), Personal data types and categories, Subject access requests, Data subjects rights and freedoms, protecting data, data protection obligations, supervisory authority reporting, mandatory process, policies, scenario’s, data minimisation, Data Breach reporting and plan, integrated approach.

We ensure that your staff are trained to understand the responsibilities of a Data Controller and Data Processor (Sub Processors) and bespoke to your industry.We can also ensure that you have the relevant policies and process in place such as Subject Access Requests (SARS) – which are extensively mis-understood by organisations. Please contact our sales team – https://www.datacav.co.uk

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