Compliance Services

Despite a general shift towards regulatory convergence and industrial standardization, a recent flurry of sweeping legislative acts and updates has created a series of new hurdles for organisations operating in a range of key jurisdictions. From GDPR and MiFID II to Volcker 2.0 and FRTB, regulatory compliance has never been trickier or more crucial. Compliance is no longer a simple box-ticking exercise – it has the power to make or break any organisation. The Data Compliance can provide MLRO Services and all areas of regulatory compliance.

That’s why companies are investing more time and resource than ever before in order to mitigate the risks associated with noncompliance. According to the Thomson Reuters Cost of Compliance 2017 Report, over half of all firms surveyed said they would definitely be increasing their total compliance budget over the course of 2018 – with one in four organisations reporting they planned to outsource some or all of their compliance functionality.

As a result of that increasing demand for innovative compliance systems and widely accessible and professional compliance services providers, Data Compliance have focused on the needs of SME’s and the current legislation framework across all industries to implement adequate competitive solutions.

Data Compliance can provide ad-hoc compliance audits , plans and programmes to ensure your organisation meet the current legislation and educate your staff to ensure an integrated approach to compliance in their work.

We help your organisation by

  • Reviewing your ultimate business goals and objectives
  • Ensuring you have regular and reliable management information
  • Setting up or reviewing your budgets
  • Establishing or reviewing your key performance indicators
  • Setting up or reviewing your risk management
  • Reviewing governance
  • Performing regular internal audit on key systems, which can include for example procurement, human resources, controls over income, protection of assets etc
  • Investigation of fraud or potential fraud
  • Performing value for money exercises
  • Reviewing your IT arrangements and,
  • Independent reporting to management.

Tailored Provision and Training (TPT)

We can offer your Executive Board and senior leadership team bespoke training that provides succinct knowledge and understanding of corporate responsibilities and accountability in information governance, cybersecurity awareness, data protection & privacy awareness and corporate compliance.