Business Added Value of ISO27001

We are passionate and experienced about ISO27001 Accreditation

For many companies, knowledge and information are the most valuable assets, and they are often particularly vulnerable assets. This is because risks to the security of relevant information exist now more than ever, through simple digital data exchange along increasingly complex supply chains, externally managed cloud services, and the growing threat of cybercrime. There are also human errors. An Information Security Management System such as ISO27001 is the method of choice to keep risks calculable and protect oneself.

The most important points in a nutshell for an ISMS or ISO27001

  • An ISMS makes the information security risks for companies calculable and manageable.
  • In industries with complex, regulated supply chains, such as the automotive and health industries, an ISMS is usually a key prerequisite for market participation.
  • In addition, even though not mandatory, an ISMS will be highly valuable and useful for all companies.
  • Information security goes far beyond IT security.
  • The responsibility for the implementation and operation of an ISMS always lies with the management (top-down approach).
  • The individual risk appetite of an organisation decides on the implementation and scope of an ISMS. 
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Compliance to Legislation
Improvements to Physical & Information Security
Protection of Employee & Client Data
Cost of Implementation and Maintaining ISO27001